Thursday, August 14, 2008

Not Fashionable

the UN estimates that between 26,500 and 30,000 children die of hunger everyday. hunger. not war, not disease, not natural disaster. hunger. totally treatable, clearly curable and absolutely preventable. when the UN says that up to 30,000 children die of hunger everyday, they are only talking about kids five and younger. but we let it happen. they don’t get a mention in the obituaries or make headline news. they die silent, painful, lonely deaths. they die off camera and in the poorest places on earth.

we can change this. you can bring change. we don’t have to let this sort of thing happen. the point is not to guilt people into pinching a couple pennies so that we can let ourselves off the hook. the point is to restore humanity to these children. to let them die like this, night after night, is saying something about the way we view life and people. we aren’t talking about making everyone rich or inventing a new concept. we are talking about equality and compassion. we wouldn’t let our own brothers and sisters starve to death if it was within our power to save them. know that it is.

they say that apathy never killed anyone.

so think. think about how blessed you are. don’t forget that justice and mercy are at the very center of why you are the way you are. remember that anytime someone asks you what these shirts mean that you are actively making someone aware of something that they cannot ignore. always remember that you are fighting for the people who aren’t going to make you famous or rich, but people whose hope you are restoring. God is on the move.

this is


RandomK said...

Hey, this reminds me of my shirt that I'm trying to make...

I've never read your blog before. Quite informative, and much less emotional than mine... :)

Fenton said...

Hey Kige,
This was actually designed by a friend of mine, Ryan Alexander (of the band found on my Myspace Top Friends, "Alexander").

It's really a great project.

I try to be somewhat informative, though I haven't posted anything in a while. Your post was the first in almost three months. Nuts! :)

Any ideas of what I should blog about? Wanna hear my thoughts on anything? Let me know!