Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Omnipotence Paradox

I present for your enjoyment, The Omnipotence Paradox (as it was first told to me)

First, we must assume God is omnipotent.
Now if God is omnipotent, can He create a rock He cannot lift?
If He cannot create a rock that even He cannot lift, His omnipotence isn't omni, but limited, since He cannot create said rock, thus proving God isn't 'all powerful'.
If He can create a rock that even He cannot lift, then He proves He is not omnipotent, since he cannot lift this rock which a being with control over the fabric of reality would be able to lift.
Oh, there is one stipulation, He has to be able to do one or the other; He cannot not be able to AND be able to simultaneously.

The Rebuttal:

An omnipotent being would in no way be limited or bound to our logic, since said being is all-powerful. So with that, the paradox becomes null and void. Let me explain:

What is happening in this paradox is that God is being placed within certain parameters; parameters set up by our human logic:

1) Assuming God takes physical form.
2) Assuming God is finite.
3) Forcing our natural laws onto God.
4) Forcing our logic onto God.

If God is not bound by our human logic then we cannot bind God to the parameters set up within this paradox (which is based on our logic) without limiting God therein.

And since we have no alternate means of testing God, the whole of the paradox crumbles.

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