Sunday, November 16, 2008

RandomK's Random Art

So, I have this friend; let's call her "Kirsten." She likes to paint and draw and other stuff that involves art and drawing and painting. Right. It might come as a shocker... but she's pretty good; and I don't mean, "Oh, wow, 'Kirsten', you're good," but more of a, "Hot Damn, woman! You're freakin' amazing awesome crazy fantastic!" Yeah.

She's been known to do some abstract work. Now, I'm not too keen on abstract. I mean, what is it anyway? A spaceship? A three-legged dog? I dunno! But these make me smile. So you should too.

She's also been known to do mission work. You know, go down to Bolivia, help out some kids, paint some murals. She's cool like that. And God likes people who are cool like that. Here are some paintings she's done for others down in Bolivia.

What else does she do? Well, I'll tell you. She's been known to paint designs on clothing. What? Clothing. Yes, clothing. Like this one here.

On top of that, she's down with just some cool rat/dog paintings. Like this one below.

And honestly, who doesn't like a good rat/dog painting, eh? I know.

But I've saved the best for last. Dragons. What? Yes, dragons. But this just isn't any old dragon. This is a bad ass dragon. This is the dragon from my book. What's his name? Pshh, please. I'm not telling you. You'll probably steal the name and idea and go tell some big fancy publisher and make loads of $$ all for yourself. No, thank you, I'll keep Elan all to myself. :)

So yeah, as you can see, my friend "Kirsten" is really good. She's trying to get her name out a bit more. You know, get her drawings and paintings seen. She's looking for more artsy work. And she deserves it. So if you know anyone who wants anything painted or drawn or anything, do contact her.

You can reach her via She's also on Myspace and Facebook. Just look her up: Kirsten George.

She's awesome.


RandomK said...

you flatter me.
And for that, I truly thank you.
Sorry I haven't been "around" lately...

Fenton said...

You don't have to apologize to me for anything. :)

You're welcome, Kige. Your work is quite amazing itself.

So keep on doing what you do!