Thursday, April 17, 2008

Justin Roberts and The Inventors' Magic Key

We've had this children's show running for the last week at work: The Inventors' Magic Key by Don Butler. It's actually a really good show. Excellent writing, but phenomenal acting. The actors really make it worth while. It's probably pointless to say, "Hey! You should go see it!" since the last show is tomorrow before it goes on the road for a week. Regardless, it's a good show.

The reason for this blog is actually the pre-show music I've been playing: Yellow Bus by Justin Roberts. At first I jokingly mocked it, but now it's actually grown on me. It's really good, decent music for children. Beyond that, it's just good music. Oh, and my favorite song from the Yellow Bus album is Rocketship. :)

If you have children, you should definitely check out Justin Roberts' music. You never know, you just might like it too.

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Mary Stucchi said...

Ok, really funny. I was google-ing "Inventor's Magic Key" and YOUR blog was the first thing that popped up!! hahaha....

hey, and thanks for the acting comment ;)