Thursday, April 17, 2008

"The Lord"

First, let me make this absolutely clear. I'm a Christian. I love Jesus. I love God. There is no way I'd be the man I am today without the love of God in my life. Without His grace and mercy, I am nothing. Okay? Good.

Why am I prefacing this blog anyway?

I have the tendency to cringe inside whenever I hear anyone refer to God as "The Lord." Don't ask me why. I certainly don't know. I just do. For some people it's fingernails and chalkboards. For me it's "The Lord." It's just automatic.

When it's Scripture, it's completely fine. Certain other times I'm absolutely fine with it as well. But for pretty much the rest of the time, why can't they just call Him God, or Jesus, or something? Anything. Anything other than "The Lord." Just typing it is making my ears hurt.

That's all.

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Matt Algren said...

Maybe it's because that's such an otherwise outdated term. Do people even know what it means when taken out of the religious context? I just think it speaks classifies the God-you relationship in a way that, while being completely valid, is under-understood.

Also, there's the way the PTL people colored the perception of it.

Fun fact: My church helps fund missionaries in Kazakhstan, and they had a real problem translating the Bible and songs because when translated to Russian, the word for "Lord" is "Czar", and there are all kind of negative connotations to that word.