Saturday, April 19, 2008

The Popemobile

That's right. The Popemobile. His Holiness has his own personalized ride, usually a Mercedes-Benz, out-fitted specifically for him. Though some of them are open-air, they are usually covered with, you guessed it, bullet proof glass.

In one respect it's kind of cool that the Pope has his own pimped-out ride. Of course, I think it's pretty ridiculous that he needs bullet proof glass. If that's the case, why not ride in a car that would draw far less attention? I guess that's part of the job though: being visible (but couldn't they have at least tinted those windows? He must be burning up in there!).

I'm not exactly partial to the Pope, though. I think the idea of a Pope is ridiculous. That's not to say I don't respect the man-- I did capitalize his title, didn't I? That's also not to say that if I saw him I wouldn't treat him like any other person. I would treat him differently. Maybe not like some people would, but I'd treat him better than if I had, say, a celebrity in my house. Unless it was Matthew Perry. He'd get the good hand towels... and I'd buy yoohoo too.

I think it's funny that people get so excited about religion when the Pope comes to town. I bet more than three-quarters of the people following him around, lining the streets, or going to mass wouldn't be there were he not there. Why don't people get excited about Christ all of the time? Is it because the Pope is such an important and visible leader (so-to-speak)? Is it that he's actually, physically here (where Christ is with us in spirit)? Regardless, the Pope is nothing more than a man. Who cares (aside from the millions around the world)?

The Pope coming to bring the Good News is great. The fact that the Word of Christ is probably being sidelined by stupid people only interested in the Pope is not very great.

But who knows, maybe someone will come to Christ--and actually come to Christ, not just come to church.

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