Friday, May 2, 2008

August Rush

Taken from my old blog:

Having been released on November 21st and grossing a mere $28 million at the box office (As of December 22, 2007), August Rush may not have made an impression as a holiday blockbuster or an epic tale of good versus evil, but it has made an impression seen only in its steady numbers and its stay among the top ten at the box office this last month.

In an age where people speak of the lack or originality of Hollywood with apathy and indifference, as a collective bent solely on the prospective buck, it's quite phenomenal to see a movie such as this slowly creep its way into our lives and into our theaters.

The story in and of itself is a simple one, of an orphan boy whose sole purpose in life is to find the parents he was separated from at birth. The journey, however, is so much more than simple. The boy discovers he has an innate musical ability rivaling Mozart as a boy genius who can [assumingly] pick up any instrument and play it as if he's always been able to. It is now that we begin to hear the music that has been yearning to escape from the young Evan Taylor.

Freddie Highmore, Terrance Howard, Keri Russell, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, and Robin Williams star in this captivating and miraculous film of hope, of love, and of a higher purpose.

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