Thursday, May 8, 2008

Publix Green Bags

I know this is nothing new, but this evening when I went to my local Publix Supermarket I decided to buy the re-usable green bags instead of using the now standard Publix plastic bag. In an articale I read about the green bags, one website reports that 1 million plastic bags are used in the United States every minute, and that the average family accumulates an average of 60 bags in only four trips to stores.

Those kind of statistics are quite disheartening. But what's more is that the article reports 100 billion plastic bags discarded each year by Americans; bags that took nearly 12 million barrels of oil to produce.

It really makes me re-think using plastic, especially if not using plastic will not only help the environment, but could possibly cause a chain reaction that would decrease the number of barrels of oil consumed, and thus possibly allowing for a price drop in the cost of oil.

So I'm here to challenge each of you to re-think using those plastic bags. Most supermarkets produce and sell re-usable bags, like Publix Supermarkets. Some markets, like the world's largest retailer of natural and organic foods, Whole Foods Market, have even completely rid their stores of plastic bags, asking customers to BYOB (or, Bring Your Own Bag). At both Whole Foods and Publix, their re-usable bags can be purchased for no more than $1.49. Right now, Publix is offering their's for $.99.

These green bags, generally produced from Non Woven Polypropylene (NWPP), though plastic in itself, are re-usable and can most likely be used for years to come. Some bags, like Whole Foods re-usable bags are made from recycled plastic bottles, thus helping the environment in two big ways. These bags are also generally designed to hold the amount of food that would usually fit into 3-4 standard plastic bags, so there's less to carry when you leave the store.

And for those of you who do still use plastic bags, or who plan to continue using them, I say this. Re-use them when you need to take lunch to work (like I've been doing) or when you need to tote something around. But when you finish, or when you go back to the supermarket, take them with you. Most supermarkets offer recycling bins specifically designed for your old plastic bags.


Shannon said...

You're awesome, my love.


Nicolet said...

I've been doing it now for like a year, and they are awesome, right? It's less trips from the car to the fridge, and that's great. Plus each bag in the landfill takes like 700 plus years to disintegrate - insane!

Fenton said...

You're right Nicki. They really are great. I can fit about 3 plastic bags worth of stuff in one of those green bags. Not to mention the ecological benefits!