Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The Cost of Doing Business

Effective May 12, 2008, we will see changes in the cost of stamps as well as other methods of shipping with the United States Postal Service. Though not necessarily a significant increase, as the cost of stamps rise from $.41 to $.42 per stamp, it's rather inevitable that people will have mixed feelings.

On the one hand, even though a $.01 increase is not a large hike, some penny-pinchers will disagree given the state of increase on the cost of nearly every other good or service provided in the U.S. And some may simply disagree with it on the basis of principle. On the other hand, even if you purchased a roll of 100 stamps, it would only amount to a $1 increase per 100 stamps. Surely that's not too steep a price to pay given the business' cost of operation.

Whether or not you feel the cost increase is necessary, the Postal Service has already given you a break. In April of 2007, the USPS released its Forever Stamp. This stamp, at the cost of $.41, will always be good, no matter the present cost of stamps. In other words, even if the price of stamps jumps to $.75 per stamp (purely hypothetical), the Forever Stamps you purchase at $.41 will still be accepted. Now that's a pretty good deal. But you'd better stock up on these stamps now, because come May 12, you won't be able to purchase them for that price.

If you want to see what changes will take place on May 12, 2008, please visit the United States Postal Service website. And if you want to see a price chart comparison of prices now and those effective May 12, visit the Pitney Bowes website.

Stamps can be purchased at any USPS location, the online USPS store, as well as your local Costco Wholesaler.


Nicolet said...

BUT those forever stamps are so ugly! Most of us using post on a regular basis for things other than bills do it because we are into the tradition and aesthetics of it all. So expect a lot of 1 cent stamps on my envelopes for a while now!

Fenton said...

I tend to agree with you on this Nicki. The Post office would have probably sold a lot more Forever stamps had they broadened their horizons and given people a choice of maybe 7-10 designs for their Forever Stamps. The Liberty Bell is a must, but perhaps offering the Louis Comfort Tiffany stamp as a Forever Stamp, as well as a love-themed stamp, would have sold better. And I know then Shannon and I would have purchased more than only one roll.

Shannon said...

Well, I love the pic. I considered using these for our wedding invites. First of all they say 'forever' and that certainly applies to Andy and I. And the liberty bell is such a symbol, of strength and honor and yes, beauty! So, I don't what you two are talkin' about!


Fenton said...

Hey! I said the Liberty Bell was a must to have! I just agreed that having more aesthetically pleasing options would be nice too! :)