Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Kung-Fu Fighting! Hu!

Living in South Florida--and Palm Beach County at that--I've seen more homeless people than I care to ever see again. I've gotten the bums that come up to your car windows and ask for money. I'll admit, I've purposefully stared straight ahead, pretended to be on the phone or otherwise engaged in order to get them to leave me alone. I'll also admit that I've given more money to them than I'd ever give again. Whether I give or not usually depends on my mood and whether or not (usually not) I have cash on hand. I've heard the sad stories and seen the signs meant to induce guilt in its readers. But never have those stories been quite as charismatic or original as the one above. So I salute you Mr. Homeless-Kung-Fu-Lesson-Needer. For your unending quest for the ultimate cardboard sign, you are unsurpassed in your efforts. So take a bow and breath of that much needed fresh air, for today no ninja can touch you.

I would have definitely given that guy some money. Especially with those smiley faces. Oh yeah.


Shannon said...

Today, at the 45th street exit at I-95, there is always a homeless guy. And always a different one!

But today as a VERY different one. While I appreciated it, I still wouldn't have given money! This one's sign said:

"Why lie? I need a BEER!"


Kelifer said...

That's great. If homeless people can't stop hassling others, they can at least learn a thing from this guy and try to make it worth our while to read those signs.

I'm glad I saw this photo :D It sort of brightens my day